Standard surface treatment of dental samples and materials.


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Dentists use dental handpieces to prepare dental samples. The current preparation methods lack standardization. Preparing laminated teeth in real-life dental and laboratory settings is challenging due to suboptimal conditions. This process involves applying pressure and temperature, which weakens the laminate. To address this, a proposed solution is to develop a specialized device that can precisely control pressure and temperature. This device is designed exclusively for shaving and polishing experimental specimens and laminates and exceeds current limitations and improves performance.

What makes Streadem special?

What is Streadem?

Our product is a tabletop device that automates the grinding and polishing process. It is used to conduct accurate tests to evaluate the effects of different factors, including, pressure, temperature, and more, on newly developed dental materials. This machine ensures precise surface treatment and provides consistent stability during grinding operations. It allows practitioners to create and refine dental prostheses flawlessly.